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Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Vacation

We have been having fun in Sunny California. It has been over 100 degrees everyday we have been here. We need some of this sun in California to "dry up all the rain."
Sunday we went to church in Irvine and went to see the Newport temple. The grounds were absolutely beautiful.
Monday we spent a day at Magic Mountain. Dave and I decided that our Amusement park days are officially over. Go ahead and turn us in for being mean parents but the agony that we go through is not counterbalanced enough with joy by the kids and when they complain all day about lines etc.. it it time to hang up the Mickey mouse ears. I guess we are not as kid at heart as we used to be :)
We are really enjoying the resort we are at in Palm Desert. It is by Palm Springs and is beautiful. There are real Flamingos in the lake surrounding the resort. There is a beautiful golf course and a lot of pools and fun thngs to do. The kids are swimming up a storm and so far no serious sunburn. Dave asked the kids "who wants some sunscreen?" and Spencer said: "Ice Cream???" You have to hear his little soprano/Ukrainian accented/question voice to appreciate this. I don't know if he has water in his ears or it has something to do with his grasp on the language or lack thereof, but he has said some pretty funny things this week. Alisa was talking about french braiding her hair and he said "Alisa wants french bread in her hair??" He also calls a boogie board a "booger board." Both boys still have a hard time with the short "A" sound like in "at" Instead of Dad they say "Dud" or "Dod" or "Dead" Dave is pretty patient to put up with those names. They mean to call me fat and say that I am "Fet" since "fet" is just as close to "fit" as it is to "Fat" I just say "Thanks' and suck in my stomach a little more :) I texted this observation to a couple of friends the other day. What would I do without my support group of sistas?
The trip has helped us to notice some more English we need to work on.
We hear things like:
I should have bring my...
I put them where my clothes is.
I gotted wet.
We are making them say it correctly 5 time and hopefully they are learning. Who really knows :)
The big event yesterday was when a mother duck and her cute babies wanderred into the swimming pool. The kids loved that and tried to help them out when the Mother duck wanted to leave.
Here is to a couple more days of relaxation.

California Vacation

Sunday, June 26, 2011

America's Got Standards

America's Got Standards.

A year ago today was one of the happiest days of my life. It was the day that we entered back into the United States of America and upon stepping onto American soil our 2 adopted boys became citizens of the greatest nation on the Earth. There are many things in their life that have changed and that would be a really long entry in itself, but today I want to write about some of the things I absolutely love about America.
Yes, I know that our country has a lot of problems and I know that in some ways we are in precarious positions with our national debt and the gradual but very real deteriation of some very important principles and values as a nation but when you compare the US with the rest of the world it is still an amazingly GREAT nation.
We have freedoms in our country that people in other places have never even dreamed about ever seeing in their lands. We have been able to balance quite beautifully the freedoms we have with the power of government and society to uphold certain standards and values among our citizens that keep them morally and physically truly free. I think it great that we stand opposed to harmful drugs and at least have legal limits for alcohol and safe driving. This compared to the drive-thru bars in Mexico help me to understand why so many have a desire to migate to America for a better life. A friend of ours, who served as a missionary in Amsterdam, where just about every vice is legal, said that when he got off the train in Amsterdam he was approached by a man selling drugs with an immediate offer to sell him drugs. Upon seeing his nametag, he appologized by saying "Oh Sorry, I didn't know you was from Jesus."
In America it is still considered wrong to be unfaithful to a spouse and to abuse other people. Despite the over-the-top efforts of the gay community to make us believe that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, most people in America still see it as a perversion that should be overcome instead of succombed to . We still punish dishonesty and corruption in government and everyday interactions. Other parts of the world have let integrity go to danerously deep levels. Many complain about dishonest politicians in America but in reality we have NO idea how bad it can really be. The fact that people are standing up to expose and complain about discrepancies they witness is a tremendous tribute to the honest heart of America.
America has standards that make sure that our water and food keep us safe and healthier than we would be otherwise. After spending many weeks in Ukraine and seeing water come from faucets that looks so dirty that it could have passed for lemonade and witnessing milk being sold in pop bottles after hours of sitting in the sun. After seeing what passes for a resturant or a bathroom in China I no longer complain about the regulations, sanitation requirements, and permits we have in our sweet country. I am not an advocate for big government being involved in our everyday life but I am glad that we have enforced laws that prohibit prositution and that we don't have to go chase the hookers off of the street corners close to where our children play.
Our roads, our military and police protection and our healthcare are envied by many other nations. we have done so many things right as a nation. I wish that we could rid our nation of gangs and pornography and abortion. I wish we would raise our standards when it comes to faith and honesty, moral strength and modesty. This country was founded on firm moral principles and it is up to us to keep our great country great. Every time I leave the land that I love, I come home loving her even more. God bless America and God bless those who stand up for what makes America GREAT.

pics of Laguna

pics coming soon they won't download for some reason :(

Laguna Beach California

We are on vacation. We are in Laguna/Newport Beach California today. The kids had a great time at the beach. We have the 4 younger children with us on this trip and they are having fun and didn't have as many complaints in the car as we expected. We sang our family vacation song once along the way (here is a link to the song so you know what I am talking about.)

When they would ask us how much longer we would always say 3 more hours. It kept them guessing :)

Here are some pics from the beach.
Happy Summer Everyone
Love the Hinksons

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Alisa

Alisa is now officially a teenaber. Here are a couple pics from her Bday Party

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

End of School Awards and Apple Pies

Here is a picture of Vitaliy with the ESL award that he was given at the end of school. His ESL teacher chose him out of all the ESL kids to recognize. He was so excited to come home and tell us all about how she praised him and even cried at the assembly in front of the whole school.

We have a tradtion at the end of school that we have been doing for years. I thought it would be fun to share it with my blog friends. I make apple pies (or buy them) and give them to our favorite teachers with this poem. I think they feel a little of the appreciation we feel for all they do for our children. Here is the little poem:

An Apple for the Teacher
A tradition of the past
In gratitude for teachings
That last and last and last.

You have been my teacher
And I have learned from you
Things I will remember
And use my whole life through

You have shown me sweetness
And made me feel I'm fine
You have added spice
And made your teachings shine

A simple apple all alone
Simply wouldn't do
And so I bring an apple pie
To show my thanks to you.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prom and Graduation

Here are the pictures from Devin's Prom and Graduation. We are proud of him and the fine young man that he is becoming. As far as HS graduation goes we as parents are half way through. 5 down and 5 to go. Congrats Dev!!