Hinkson Family Circle

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To Erica

For some reason I can't seem to comment on your blog. In case you are reading mine here is what I would like to say about your last post:)

Oh my goodnes. I am so sorry that you are having such a crazy time with the girl and the glasses. It seems like they get on one with the attitude and everything is an issue. I hope the "I want Ukraine" stuff stops soon and she can start to see things clearly (the glasses may help with that :)
Hang in there.
PS we aren't moving. Email me at hinkson@pcu.net and we can chat more

PS doesn't Amy look like Jessie on Toy Story??

Water skiing with Mary and Amy's Family

We had the time of our life last weekend going water skiing with the Rast family and Mary Cannon. They are so nice to us and everyone had a blast. Amy made us all an amazing lunch and between skiing and riding the tube, the brave people decided to jump off a cliff into the water. The water was really high at Hyrum Dam this time and so it made for a beautiful day.
Here are some pictures:

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Selling the Provo House

Thanks to our FABULOUS realtor, Wendy Richhart, we are in the process of selling the Provo House. It is officially under contract and we are excited to have it sold since our kids are staying closer to home to go to college. Wendy has been amazing to work with and I would highly recommend her. If you want to hear how great she is you had better have more than a few minutes to listen to me go on an on when you call.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Opposition in the adoption process

Does anyone know anyone who has just sailed through the Ukrainian adoption process? NO there is always some kind of obstacle to face and roadblock to disnantle. Whether it is while they are in Ukraine or when they get home it is not an easy journey. Some very wonderful people have faced some big issues this year while adopting. Last year it was us in the middle of the adventure with a capital A. Hang in there if you are still having struggles. You are doing something monumental. Here is my take on why this is happening:

The devil, who is real and is a real jerk doesn't want to see children of God have a home and family because he knows that families can better equip children to return to God someday. He (the devil) just loves to throw a wrench in the works when big positive changes are about to happen. Notice that he isn't doing much to thwart the non important aspects of our lives but when it comes to the big stuff he is right there sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong

Yesterday was Vitaliy's birthday and we had a little discussion about how his life has changed since he came here a year ago.. We talked about how his life would probably be a lot better in the long run, because of his coming here. He sometimes isn't sure if this is true (especially on days when we do yard work,) but I think that he is starting to get the picture. I asked him about the boys he knew who had graduated from orphanage life and what they were doing. He said that most of them work on the fire trucks. I asked him how much money they made. He didn't know but someone had made enough to buy an I-Phone so they were probably getting pretty rich. I don't know if the boys will ever fully appreciate and understand what has happened to them but I know that the devil does and he is ticked.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a Little Lesson in my Garden

Today the kids and I were doing our "family work" and were planting some clearance tomatoes and other things in the garden. I had Daniel putting fertilizer on the plants and Vitaliy was watering everything with a hose. He watered the new plants pretty quick and asked if that was good. I said to him "We better water these some more, These plants are transplants and so they will need a little bit extra." As has happened so many times in life this little teaching moment taught me. Our new sons are essentially our transplants and they do require a little more than the others. A little extra..... I always wanted a chance to go the Extra mile. Here's my big chance :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Zion's National Park

Here are some pictures from Zion's National Park. We stayed with Dave's Mom in Hurricane, Utah and went to the park on the way home. It was beautiful and inspiring.

Love this Resort

We are home but I wanted to blog about the resort that we stayed in in Palm Desert, California. We received an email on some special pricing for this resort and since it is a Marriott Property and we have had such good experiences with them in the past we decided to give it a shot. The price was only 129 a night for a stay of 3 days or more. With this deal we received free breakfast for 2 adults and the kids and 20 percent off all golf and spa treatments and a $50 credit per day to our room. We also attended a time share presentation which gave us another 175 dollar credit and so when it was all said and done we paid about 300 dollars for a fantastic balsony room for 3 nights and a 2 hour spa treatment and an amazing breakfast each day which included a great buffet and fresh squeezed OJ etc. etc.

The resort had 5 beautiful pools and lakes and waterfalls throughout the property. They had flamingos in one of the lakes and ducks, swans and fish in the other lake. They had little boats that came into the lobby of the hotel and took us on a ride around the lake. They had parrots and other exotic birds in cages in the lobby by the lake. The kids loved the pools and we had a wonderful time. If we had been able to tear the kids away from the pool, we could have played Mini golf, tennis, basketball and other games.I would recommend this resort any day.