Hinkson Family Circle

Monday, January 31, 2011

logical consequences

This morning we were really mean and Wendy would be so proud of us. We discovered that none of the kids living at home did their zones except for Scott who only has to shovel the deck when it snows. We are not very demanding when it comes to requiring our kids to work. They each get a chore that takes them about 10 minutes tops to do each day. Emptying trashes, unloading the dishwasher, simple things that make the household run easier.

When we discovered that we were going to spend the day in a very messy house that all the children had left in the morning without any regard, Dave and I started to brainstorm on what would get the kids' attention. We talked about moving all their mattresses to the front porch and making them clean to earn their bed's back. We considered grounding everyone and taking away all the electronics in the house (Tvs, video games, computers etc.) We thought about moving ALL the kids into one room at the end of the basement and making them all live in that one room and eat in the basement kitchen and not letting them go into the rest of the house and spend time. (the staying in one room would have been pretty painful for some of the kids) Finally Dave decided to take all the electronics and to put remnants of the unfinished jobs on the kids' beds with a sign. The worst was the trash cans on Devin's bed (It will actually be a really good incentive for him to wash his bedding :) Daniel got a bedful of clean dishes that he forgot to unload and Spencer got a closet full of coats and gloves that he keeps stashinng on the floor of the closet instead of putting them away.

The kids were ticked when they got home. Tonight's FHE will be kind of fun as Dave discusses AGAIN what we expect. Maybe now they will listen a little more carefully.

Monday, January 24, 2011

More pics of Baby Ali.

Here are some more pictures of our new grand-daughter. She is truly adorable and definitely straight from heaven.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Heather and Joe's new Baby

New Arrival!
Our little girl is here!

Name: Alicen Debra Palmer
Weight: 8lbs. 2 oz
Length: 19.5"
Born: January 19th 2011
Time: 12:40 A.M.

We will post more pictures and details soon...both mommy and baby are healthy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Social Security Card Saga

Our accountant told us that we needed a social security card for Spencer and Vitaly and so I started checking into how to get one for them. I guess that I imagined that we could go online and type in a few things and the cards would appear in the mail soon after. Well not really that easy :)
I called the number and well if you are bored and feeling exceptionally patient sometime, you should call and see how much fun you can have with that automated system. Finally I got a live human on the phone and an answer that we had to go to a SS office and there was not one in Logan and that I should go to Ogden. Since Ogden is about an hour away and I didn't want to take my chances at getting a person again, I asked what documents I would need specifically and gathered the birth certificate (from Ukraine) and the adoption decree and felt very satisfied that I was on my way to a brief, delightful experience. Dave and I decided to stop in Ogden on the way to see his mother in Springville and after I went through the thorough security check at the door I walked into a room FULL of people. Frankly, it was a little like being back in Ukraine. I texted Dave who had to wait in the car because he had forgotten his driver's license and was therefore not allowed past the checkpoint. I had to take a number and wait FOREVER to get the priviledge of seeing a person behind the glass. When I did I was told that I didn't have the correct documents. I needed to have their passports, visas and certificate of citizenship. I told my sob story about coming all the way from Logan and now being late to see my mother-in-law and how I had called ahead and these were the documents I was told I needed. Even though it was Christmas and my only crime was being nice and adopting 2 boys from Ukraine, No luck, No mercy another trip would be required and the nice lady wrote on a sticky notes the things I would need "next time."

It took a few weeks to get my nerve back up to go back. This time I was on the way to a Save a Parent luncheon and planned for an extra hour for the SS stop in Ogden. Same airport security at the door, same elevator to level 2 but this time the room was even more packed than before. I tried to find a seat next to someone who looked like they wouldn't kill me. The only smiling faces in the room were the big pictures of President Obama and Joe Biden on the front wall. As I sat WAITING I eavesdropped on the stories of my fellow guests. This is some of what I overheard:

*An upset man representing his father who had an issue with his Social Security. He hadn't brought the father because the last time the old man had had a big tantrum and it was too embarrassing.

*a man who needed some kind of documentation to be able to stay at the homeless shelter.

*a man who needed to understand that if he recieved Social Security he would no longer recieve unemployment

*a young mother who had not recieved her baby's SS card and thought it had been stolen and wanted to know if someone had stolen her baby's identity.

*a mother who had brought many children and needed a replacement card for her daughter to get a license.

*a man who didn't know why his SS had not been adjusted for inflation.

*a woman with a disabled son who had multiple questions about many things all while the son (about 17) was yelling, "Come on Mom, That's enough..Let's go"

I finally got the same agent who had sent me home before. I had the right paperwork and all was good. As she typed she chatted with me about everything from the price of shoes at NYC department stores ($1,500) to how the hill people of Kentucky will actually kill you if you trespass on their land.

FINALLY we were done and the cards were underway and should arrive soon. I was an hour late to the lunch but still had a wonderful time with some of the nicest people on earth.

P.S. A warning to anyone who is tempted to steal the SS cards from our mail..... DON'T

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bryan's Christmas Call

We were able to call Bryan on New Year's Day and had a great long talk with our missionary. Here is a picture of part of the family gathered around talking to him on Skype in Ukraine. The phone call lasted 4 hours (which was OK with his mission president) and everyone got to talk to their hearts' content and we were able to talk about everything. One wonderful surprise for all of us came when Holly was talking to Bryan and announced that they are expecting a baby in August (on Dave's birthday.) She saved the big news to surprise all of us at once.

As we sat there and listened to Bryan and watched the grandboys play I had such great feelings that this is the good part of life. All that work is worth it when you have moments like that.
Happy New Year Everyone.