Hinkson Family Circle

Friday, April 22, 2011

Prom for Devin and Daniel

Devin and Daniel had a fun prom. Devin had his "Day Date" at our house and they served a huge sandwich to their dates and did an Easter Egg hunt. They seemed to have a lot of fun just sitting on the trampolines and talking.

Daniel went with another group and they did their "Day Date" at the sport's academy and did gymnastics. I don't think the girls have time to spend a lot of time getting ready with this "Day Date" tradition they do now. Personally I think that they should take them to dinner and the dance and have too ask for another separate date if they want to take the girl on another date. They also watch a movie after prom which is kind of like 3 dates in one. I sure hope the girl likes the guy a little because that is a lot of hours to spend together if not :)

P.S. I think the boys looked handsome in their tuxes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


We have entered into Soccer season. It is my first time being a Soccer Mom. I have been a football mom, a stage mom, a basketball mom and the mom of kids in music groups etc. but this week I became an official Soccer Mom. Since Soccer is about the only sport in Ukraine the new boys think it is awesome. They are on separate teams. In the past couple of days we have been to 3 games and 1 practice. I learned that they don't have bleachers at Soccer fields and you have to bring your own chairs. The first game we sat on a Walmart sack to keep from getting muddy. The team that Spencer is on plays about 10 boys on the field at a time and the games are about an hour. Vitaliy's team plays 4 on 4 and so their games are only 35 minutes. You can get as much action and adrenalin going in 35 mins. Vitliy is number 12 and Spencer is number 11.

It has been exciting to see them excited about their games and I think that the timing is good right now. When we first got home Dave got Vitaliy on a really good team (the coach was a patient of his and had 2 sons who played pro soccer) He wasn't ready for that at the time and had to drop out before the season even started. I think it takes some time to adjust to the language, family, school etc. and it looks like now they have that down, they can handle some extra things. Here are some pics of our soccer boys.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My New book just published

I just published my 2nd E book on Amazon. You can see it at this link:


It is called A Diet a Day. After Italy I need it more than anyone.

Very Excited, (about the book...not a diet.)

Happy Birthday Daniel

Here is a video of Dan and his b-day cake with friends

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniel

Daniel turned 16 on Monday and we are still stretching out the celebration for as long as we can. On Saturday we drove to SLC to go to a trampoline place called Airborne where the kids had fun jumping on a ton of trampolines and playing in a big foam pit etc. We were joined by the Richharts who are one of our favorite families in the world. They have kids the same ages as some of our kids and I hope we get to do more with them in the future.

After jumping their heads off we stopped at Red Robbin on the way home and everyone filled up on Burgers and lots of fries.

On Monday we had a surprise party for Daniel at our house and I have never seen so many beautiful girls and handsome boys in one spot. I think Daniel got the message that he is loved by his friends. I am VERY thankful that our children have the opportunity to have such great friends.

For FHE we watched a video that my Dad took when Daniel was born. It was so fun to see the family at that stage of life. Everyone was so little. We remembered what life was like with 6 under the age of 8. Whew! Can't believe that little baby is now 16. Time flies when you are having fun.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


We are laughing our heads off. Vitaliy is reading the ads in the paper and he says he wants to go to Ka holes (Kohls) and buy a Jock-et. When we chuckle at that he says nevermind I want to go to the Mail (mall) and buy shoes. He decided that he could settle for Shop-ka.

Side note: We have bought a record number of shoes for this kid and in a few weeks we see the other kids wearing his new shoes. When we ask why he doesn't want them anymore he says "They are too little for me" in such a sing song way that it has become a family chime now.

Every morning we hear the boys asking what is for Brock-fust.

Another Mom said her daughter wanted to see the movie tang-gled.

Ha Ha Ha. What other weird pronunciations have you heard?