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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family Update

Hinkson Family Update   April   2013
A lot has happened in our family in the past couple of years and hopefully this will catch up our friends and family on what has been happening in our lives.

David—In July of 2012, Dave sold his periodontal practice to Kim Cassity (a periodontist in Ogden.)  In July of this year Dave will be fully retired after completing the transitory period of working for the new Doctor.  He was called to be the Bishop of our ward in September which will keep him busy.   He has discovered a new talent and has enjoyed painting landscapes of places we have visited.   He also keeps busy handling the real estate holdings that will support our retirement.  We currently have some houses in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and other places in Utah.  ­­­­­­

Christy—Ab­solutely loves being a GRANDMA.  We have 4 sweet grandchildren so far and 3 more on the way.  They are the best!!  Even though half of the 10 children have now left home it doesn’t seem to be much less busy being the Mom.   She has also written and published some books over the past couple of years on various subjects.  She still enjoys speaking for EFY and to other groups and continues to write and produce music.

Holly and Bryan Penrose—parents of Blake and Austin, made a big move to Iowa to attend Podiatry School for the next few years.  Brian is a very dedicated student and Holly and the boys have made some wonderful new friends in Iowa.  We really miss them but are proud of their desires to learn and grow.  Holly and Heather have become popular Mommy Bloggers with their blog entitled “We love being Moms.blogspot.com

Heather and Joe Palmer—Parents of James and Alicen are excited to welcome baby # 3 in June.  They are preparing to move to Utah Valley where Joe will attend the MBA program at BYU.   We are enjoying them as much as we can while they are in Logan. 

Tyler and Janalee Hinkson—are expecting their first baby in September and are planning to attend dental school­­ soon.  They will both graduate from USU in May.   Tyler with a bachelors and Janalee with a Masters degree.   Tyler served a mission in Novosibirsk, Russia and Janalee served in Athens, Greece. Tyler and Janalee were married in the Logan temple in Dec 2011 the day after our adopted boys were sealed to us.

Bryan is ENGAGED to Tiffany Prestwich and they will be married in the Logan temple on May 4.  Bryan returned from his mission to Ukraine in December of 2011.  They met in their student ward at USU and are a perfect couple.  Tiffany taught English in Ukraine for a few months.  They will continue school at USU in the fall.  Bryan is studying Engineering and Tiffany is studying Elementary Education.

Devin—is currently serving a mission in Ukraine (Kiev-the same mission as Bryan) and after 6 months is feeling like he can speak Russian.  He has had success teaching the people there and loves his mission.  He will be in Ukraine for another year and 2 months.

Daniel—was recently called to Vladivostok, Russia Mission.  He enters the Provo MTC on June 5.  He kept busy this year as the dance captain of Encore (HS performing group.)  He is a manager at Mcdonalds and enjoys playing the guitar and writing songs.  He just completed his Eagle scout project.  With his mission call we realized that 6 of our 7 sons will speak Russian and so the rest of us are picking it up too. 

Alisa—is 14 and enjoying being a Freshman at Slyview High.  She is a photographer for the yearbook and is on the track team competing in hurdles and Javelin.  She LOVES to babysit and the neighbors like her because she never charges to babysit.  She is in the Miamaid  presidency and maintains her 4.0 GPA with Valedictorian aspirations. 

Vitaliy—is 14 and also a freshman.  He is doing well with speaking English and has been able to maintain his mastery of Ukrainian and the Russian language.   He works at a neighbor’s dairy and is learning that hard work isn’t so bad.  He serves in the Teacher’s quorum presidency and is working hard on his scouting goals

Spencer—just tuned 12 and is learning many new things in America.  He was thrilled a few months ago when his biological sister and brother were adopted to the Rast family in Clearfield..  He enjoys getting together with them and we are thrilled that they have decided to become Americans afterall.  He enjoys all the things that little boys love and looks forward to scout camp this summer.

Scott—the baby of the family is now 9.  He is half way to the age where he can be a missionary and he continues to bring joy and peace to our family.  He enjoys school and LOVES playing with his niece and nephews and they all look forward to seeing “Uncle Scott.” 

Vacations--We started a tradition of taking each of the children on a senior trip when they graduate from high school which allows us to spend some extended time with them before they leave home and venture out into the world.    Then we felt a little cheated to not get to spend that time with our children’s spouses too and so we decided to take each married couple on a trip when they graduate from college.  2 years ago we took Joe and Heather and Devin to Italy and Czech Republic (where Joe served his mission) for their trip and then we took Holly and Brian on a cruise around Hawaii for their trip in May.  In November we went to Italy and Greece (where Janalee served her mission.) with Tyler and Janalee for their trip.  We just returned  from Germany, Austria,  Italy , France and Spain for Daniel’s trip.  In October we took a family cruise to the Bahamas.  In November of 2011 Dave and I took an anniversary cruise to the Panama canal to celebrate 25 years together.

We hope that everyone is enjoying peace and joy in their lives.  We appreciate all those who have blessed our lives through the years and been a positive influence on us and our family.  We hope our paths cross soon. 
Lots of Love,
The Hinksons

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