Hinkson Family Circle

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spencer was reunited with his sister Alina and his little brother Zhenia at the airport as they arrived here in the US. They were recently adopted by the greatest family in the world (Jeff and Amy Rast.) Alina now has 2 sisters her own age and her little brother who was at a different orphanage in Ukraine.

We intended to adopt Alina and Zhenia while we were in Ukraine before. Alina refused to be adopted and the SDA would not let us see Zhenia because they said he was way too sick. They were meant to be Amy's children and luckily she listened to the promptings to go and get both of them. They are a beautiful addition to an already amazing family. We are excited for Spencer to get to see Alina and the little brother he never really knew.

At the airport, I kind of expected a running toward each other with outstretched arms, with inspirational music playing overhead, but that didn't really happen. Spencer was in a strange mood and he became really withdrawn and shy. I am sure that there is some reason that this is normal out there, but for now we look forward to their spending more time together in the future.

i am so happy that these beautiful children are safe in America in the perfect home. I am so happy that I have one more good excuse to get to visit with Amy more and one less reason to visit Ukraine :). I am so happy that Spencer doesn't have to wonder about this family members half a world away. This is a great example of a time when something very sad can turn into something very happy and right. I just luve it when we get to see those moments during our lifetimes.


  1. I love it...'Running towards each other with spiritual music playing overhead'. That's what we all envisioned we met our kids at the orphanage to adopt them. :)

    So happy that this story has a happy ending! These kids will be taught and grow up in families that will show them the way. I can't think of any better families for the job. It's interesting how a few years you and the Rasts did not know each other. Now you are inseparably connected by some kids that must've done something right in the per-existence to deserve all of this.

  2. That's awesome. :) I wanted to be there that night but my Little One ended up smashing her thumb in the bathroom door and it took her long enough to calm down (poor girl) that I didn't make it. You guys and Rast's are all amazing. :)

  3. Just missing everyone so I'm stalking your blogs in hopes for updates!